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I feel distanced from fashionable trends.

My passion is to be creative.

I was born in Paris, where I also received my education in the fine arts.

After having visited Norway several times, I decided in 1983 to move permanently to Rogaland, where I fell in love and where I also discovered a quality of life that I truly value.

I love Norway because here, and particularly in Rogaland, I have discovered nature, natural lighting, and a sense of peace that – to this day – I find magical.

I have had numerous art exhibitions in Norway and abroad.

However, for the past few years I have had to travel more and more often to France, for family reasons. This temporary situation has made it somewhat difficult for me to schedule public exhibitions, though I have by no means stopped being creative.

My work reflects what I love most in life:

  • a thirst for knowledge,

  • openness,

  • accuracy,

  • imagination,

  • freedom and

  • beauty.

For me, a thirst for knowledge is seeing and learning from various cultures, as well as being able to communicate in Esperanto.

Openness is the desire to share with others, as well as to link my work with a variety of other art forms, such as music, literature and dance, to my visual art.

For example, in collaboration with a dancer, I choreographed a work for my mobiles. This became a performance during the opening of an exhibition called: Women lead the way – an odyssey through various cultures.

At times, I have also chosen an instrumental or vocal composition that interacts, symbiotically, with the presentation of my visual art. This was the case with my exhibition at the Old Hå Rectory: Meetings and separations (Recontre et separasjon or Møte og adskillelse), and Music of the elements (Musica de los elemoentos) at Solar.

Accuracy is an inherent characteristic in my perfectionist personality. I pay attention to the tiniest detail, to achieve the results I am after in my work, whether that work is a miniature or a large fresco. This is a personal trait I that extends to my preparations for a solo exhibition, as well. I am always very attentive to detail when I display my works, and I take into consideration the architecture and the very soul of the exhibition site when I plan and set up my exhibitions.


Imagination is translating form into a feeling, using various techniques to bring a message across to the viewer. Sometimes I integrate texts and graphic symbols into a picture, as in the case of Ici Ailleurs. I create structure with strong lines, and play with monochrome colors (as in Frihet) or major color contrasts (as in Evig Kontrast).

Freedom is exploring, handling various forms and materials in a limitless way, to express an idea or a feeling. I enjoy working with paper (Taj Mahal), canvas (Akt-Takt), and wood (Symphonie en arc en ciel).

I draw, paint, glue, engrave, cut, and polish to create a painting or a collage, a print or a lacquer piece, a three-dimensional work in wood, or a static three dimensional work, or a mobile three dimensional artwork (Stavanger Culture House exhibit: Installation and mobile).

Beauty is the search for the aesthetic that we wish to capture in life, that brings harmony and a sense of peace of mind.



Cécile Anda

Born in Paris, France, 1953

Has resided in Norway since 1983


NBK    Norske Billedkunstneres Fagorganisasjon (The Norwegian Artists’ Union)

LNM    Norske Maleres Landsforening (The Norwegian Painters’ Association)

BKFR  Bildende Kunstneres Forening Rogaland (The Norwegian Artists’ Association, Rogaland)

Education in France

1969 – 1973  The National College of Art, "Duperré", 75009  PARIS

1973 – 1974  The French Art Academy, rue Bonaparte, 75006  PARIS

1977 -  1979  The University of Paris VIII, Art History studies


Work experience

Taught for eight years at the School of Applied Arts (École d'Arts Appliqués), in Aulnay sous bois, FRANCE

The Graphics Workshop of the Norwegian Art Association, in Stavanger (BKF Grafisk verksted, Stavanger), NORWAY

The Graphics Workshop (Grafikan Paja) in Jyväskyla, FINLAND

Solo exhibitions

2023 - Open Studio  " Renaissance "  Hommersåk

2023 - Open Studio Stavanger  OSS

2019 -  GALLERY 43   La Butte aux Cailles   PARIS XIII,  France

2015 -  "Jewel of the North ", Hagalid Gallery, HJELMELAND, Norway

2015 - "From Paris to Li ", Klepp Art Association, KLEPPE, Norway

2014 -  "Open Studio – a multiplex world", HOMMERSÅK, Norway

2013 -  "Traces of Scandinavia", Frida Hansen’s House, STAVANGER, Norway

2012 -  Exhibit at the French Institute, STAVANGER, Norway

2012 -  "Nordic Lights", Atelier Résonances, HOMMERSÅK, Norway

2009 - Solo exhibit, Galleri Å’godt! art gallery in Vindafjord, SANDEID, Norway

2003 -  "Travelling exhibition", Kragerø Art Association, KRAGERØ, Norway

2003 -  "Travelling exhibition", Volda Art Association, VOLDA, Norway

2002 -  "Echoes", Travelling exhibition, Kongsvinger Art Association, KONGSVINGER,Norway

2002 -  "Travels", Galleri Å’godt! art gallery in Vindafjord, SANDEID, Norway

2002 -  "Behold the children of time", the French Institute, STAVANGER, Norway

2001 -  "Travels", Kunstgalleriet, an art gallery in STAVANGER, Norway

2001 -  "Travels between different cultures", part of the   “Women lead the way” "cultural arrangements",

           STAVANGER, Norway

2000 -  Ten artists in ten days («10 kunstnere i 10 dager”), part of the BKFR arrangements in the

          Stavanger Culture House, STAVANGER, Norway

2000 -  Echo 2000, Stavanger Art Association, STAVANGER, Norway

1998 -  "A woman, written in pictures", Porsgrunn Art Association, PORSGRUNN, Norway

1997 -  "Apparitions and disappearances" Traveling exhibition, Ryfylke Art Association, shown in: SAUDA, SAND,


1997 -  "Recognition and Separation", The Old Rectory (gallery), HÅ, Norway

1996 -  "The rhythm and the model", The Norwegian French Cultural Center, STAVANGER, Norway

1995 -  "Without limits", Tammerforshuset, TAMPERE, Finland

1995 -  Summer exhibition, Sola Culture House, SOLA, Norway

1995 -  "Signs and chants", The art festival gallery-1995, SANDNES, Norway

1994 -  Eternal contrast, Galerie de la Maison des Amandiers, PARIS XXe, France

1994 -  Everlasting contrast, The Norwegian French Cultural Center, STAVANGER, Norway

1989 -  Exhibition of Chinese lacquer work, drawings, oil paintings and graphic works, at "Folken" (The peoples’

          gallery), STAVANGER, Norway

Group exhibitions

2017 Ryfylke Art Association, Suldal Culture House, SAND, Norway

2014 Christmas exhibit, Rana Art Association, MO I RANA, Norway                                     

2014 "Our représentatives", Stavanger Art Museum, STAVANGER, Norway

2013 R – Open (open studios in Rogaland), Atelier Resonances, HOMMERSÅK, Norway

2013 "Entering 2013: an open door", Rogaland Art Center, STAVANGER, Norway

2009 "My choice, my freedom", Tou Art Studios (Tou Scene), STAVANGER, Norway

1998 The French Palette, Bærum Art Association, BÆRUM, Norway

1996 "Biennale for small pictures", Stavanger Art Association, STAVANGER, Norway

1996 "I see and I remember", Summer 1996 exhibition, Ryfylke Gallery, SAND, Norway             

1996 "Five women", Atelier Ogna, an art gallery in OGNA, Norway

1996 Process in Norwegian Art, with the Norwegian Association of Painters, HALLINGDAL, Norway

1995 Exhibition for the National Congress of the Humanistical Ethical Association, STAVANGER, Norway

1995 Delacroix’ Space, St Maurice, PARIS, France

1993 "Passages" with the Rogaland Artists’ Association (BKFR), STAVANGER, Norway

1993 Summer exhibition, Atelier Ogna, an art gallery in OGNA, Norway

1990 Biron Priory, BERGERAC, France

1989 Amnesty international exhibition at the old mill (gallery) at Bryne (Bryne Mølla), BRYNE, Norway

1988 "Graphics presentation", The Old Rectory (gallery), HÅ, Norway

1988 "Art at the Mill", Bryne Art Association, BRYNE, Norway

1985 Café Sting, a cafe and gallery in STAVANGER, Norway

1983-84...87 Permanent gallery at the French Cultural Association (Faste Galleri, Fransk Forening)

          STAVANGER, Norway

1978 Everyone’s Home (Maison pour Tous), BAGNOLET, France

1975 The Detail Center (Centre Daviel), PARIS, France 


2000 The Sandnes municipality cultural scholarship

1998 Exhibition scholarship, The Norwegian Cultural Council

1997 Debutant support, The Norwegian Cultural Fund

1995 Rogaland county cultural scholarship

1989 The Suldal municipality cultural scholarship

Public decoration and other projects

2017 -2018  Winner of the University of Stavanger art competition for the official art gift to graduating

          Master students (The Faculty of Social Sciences)

2002 The Norwegian French Cultural Center, STAVANGER, Norway

1999 - 2000 Bryne High School (Videregående Skole), BRYNE, Norway

1996  Rogaland Psychiatric Hospital, STAVANGER, Norway

1992  The Maya Center (Cecile – where is this…? I could not be sure, though I checked the net.)



Curriculum Vitae

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