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Atelier R É S O N A N C E S
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November 11-12,  2023       12p.m.-7p.m.

                     " Renaissance "

Limarka 133 - ESPERANTOVEIEN   4311 Hommersåk
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This exhibition will reflect the environment in which I have lived for many years, in Noway, the country that I discovered as a child, and where I have established my studio and resided for more than thirty years.

During all these years in Norway, I have subconsciously been influenced by my surroundings, the landscape, and indigenous variations in form and color. It is almost mysterious, the way that these impressions surface in my compositions.

However, the fact that I was born and raised, and that I studied in a metropolis – Paris – has meant that my universe also contians elements and symbols from these more urban life experiences.

I will be using different materials in this forthcoming exhibition. Primarily, I will utilize traditional techniques, which I will combine in my paintings, graphic works and collages.

I experiment with various art forms to express my feelings. Often, a key element in my work is how I experiment with the effects of light. These effects are strengthened through contrast: glossy or non-glossy, structures which are rough or smooth, shimmering effects using gold leaf or bronze powder, details which are monotone against dark fragments of color.

My aim is to produce an exhibition that will fascinate and surprise the viewing public.


I want people to experience a sense of aesthetic meditation and poetic emotions in the abstract and figurative forms that I use.


During these times of turbulence and violence, I want my art to promote a sense of peace and harmony.






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